Phylicia Wissa

An absolute sweetie pie! Phylicia has a very unique background. Growing up in a household of Congolese parents with a French influence, taught Phylicia how to embrace the many cultural aspects of her family and others around her. With her father passing at the tender age of two from Lou Gehrig’s disease (also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), Phylicia, her older brother and sister, were raised by their mother.



Showing early signs of talent, Phylicia’s mother, with the help of her dear friend, decided to place her in youth acting classes. Phylicia’s talent began to thrive and it was then that she realized acting was her niché. But it wasn’t always roses. Phylicia faced a lot of rejection and her mother decided it was best for her to focus on her studies and enter into a Junior Cadet Police Academy program, where Phylica would excel. Winning national awards for her poetry and athleticism; even having a few of her poems published at the age of 13.

Neglecting her passion and thinking that she would enter the world of broadcast journalism with a focus in politics, at the age of 13 she decided to follow her heart and attend Hollywood High School’s Performing Arts Magnet. With strong influences stemming from Ruby Dee, Bette Davis, Cicely Tyson and Katherine Hepburn to Viola Davis, Thandie Newton, Kathy Bates, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington and even the energetic Tarajii P. Henson, Phylicia started dreaming in color and going against expectations.

Upon graduating from world famous Hollywood High School, Phylicia decided to take the first major step towards fulfilling her dreams and moved to NYC to hone her skills as an actress.  After graduating from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (NYCDA) and gaining a few Indie credits under her belt, she moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles, California. Upon her move to LA, Phylicia has since booked a Wendy’s National Commercial, worked on ABC’s Super Fun Night and ventured into the world of New Media, working with internet companies such as All Def Digital (Russell Simmons and Brian Robbins) and What The Funny (Marlon Wayans). Phylicia continues to hone her craft and grow as a woman and artist.​ To learn about more movies, short films, and television shows Phylicia has acted in, visit IMDb. Photos of Phylicia can be found here.

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