Lil Wayne – Spoof

Lil Wayne aka Weezy F Baby is being interviewed!!!! Lil Wayne answers questions using his lyrics. Lil Wayne is sitting on his couch. Lil Wayne is eating a big mac with fries. Lil Wayne has a 2pac book. Lil Wayne has a Laker basketball. Lil Wayne speaks in a “Rap tone”.

A Day In The Life of a Ratchet Pt. 1

23 year old Ratchet girl named Octagoneya Octaveous Jackson is the definition of Ratchet. This Ratchet girl is caught off guard on the street. The Ratchet girl explains the junior college she attends, Santa Monica College. The Ratchet explains that Drake is her baby daddy. The Ratchet girl has colorful rings. The ratchet girl has a credit earring. The Ratchet girl has a mean walk. The Ratchet girl dances in the middle of the street. The Ratchet girl lives on King Blvd and Coliseum. The Read More +


A new Pimp Spray to check your women without putting hands on her. The All new Slap A Bitch! L.U.S.E.R. creates a product called “Slap-A-Bitch” to help pimps and regular men control they’re hoes. With Slap-A-Bitch a pimp doesnt have to chase or physical abuse there hoes. Slap-A-Bitch, gives you a product that works for a very cheap price. The Slap-A-Bitch help put this actual hoe in check. Without actually slapping a bitch, the slap-a-bitch turned this angry hoe into a nice and willing to Read More +

Bernard “Push Up” Williamson: Push Up Chronicles

The Personal Trainer, Bernard “Push Up” Williamson Show you get a set in. Watch The Personal Trainer do push ups Anytime, anyplace, anytime(Yeah he said that twice). Bernard “Push Up” Williamson, the Personal Trainer does push ups in the middle of the street. The Personal Trainer doe push ups on the crosswalk. the Personal Trainer does push ups on top of a car. The Personal Trainer does push ups on top of the hood of the car. Then the Personal Trainer does push ups on Read More +