HAKEEM NANA Ep 1. “My Nephew”

African Uncle is sitting with his Nephew. His Nephew tells him that he doesnt want to be a doctor. His Nephew is upset because his uncle is yelling at him. his Nephew tells him he wants to be a comedian. The Nephew is getting yelled at by him. The Nephew is being yelled about not having money. The Nephew is slapped by his uncles belt. The Nephew is being told he will be killed by his uncle for not going to medical school.

Bernard “Push Up” Williamson Helps Client

Bernard “PushUp” Williamson, The Personal Trainer, w/his 1st Client. The Personal Trainer teaches you how to do correct push ups. The Personal Trainer has his first client. The Personal Trainer makes him do push ups. The client is doing push ups while the Personal Trainer is coaching him. The client is suffering a heart attack and the Personal Trainer kicks him down. The Personal Trainer yells out Anytime, Anyplace, Anytime! The client wakes up from his heart attack and sees the Personal Trainer and runs Read More +

Online Dating Tips – #271 Be Spontaneous!

Online Dating Tips on how to be Spontaneous! Leroy Bivens teaches you how to be Spontaneous. In order to be Spontaneous, you must lay on the bed with handcuffs. Another way of being Spontaneous is having rose pedals on the bed. 3rd way of being Spontaneous is having anal beads on your neck. 4th way of being Spontaneous is having a mirror on the bed with your shirt off. Men be Spontaneous with your women!!!

Vagina Man

Vagina Man wakes up to find out that he has a Vagina, man! He becomes Vagina Man and calls his best friend that he is now Vagina Man. His best Friend finds out that he is now Vagina Man. Vagina man hates that his best friend doesn’t look at him like a man. Vagina man is now being hit on by a lesbian. Vagina Man has a period stain on his basketball pants. Vagina Man buys pads at the local store.

Erykah Badu – How To Trap a Man Spoof!

Erykah Badu gives tips on how to trap a man. Ladies, take notes! Erykah Badu gives young ladies of all ethnicities how to trap a man. Erykah Badu explains her other names. Erykah Badu gives advise on women being successful at trapping a man. Erykah Badu tells you how she hates radio because they cut off Erykah Badu music. Erykah Badu tells you what she is also known as. Erykah Badu gets a little upset about women have to only date a bench player. Erykah Read More +

Fee Wee Helms and The Helms “Im Over It”

1980s Music Video by FeeWee Helms & The Helms. 23 year old wannabe model/singer is over everything! She is Over herself. She is Over her band. She is Over the director. She is Over the video. She is Over pregnancy. She is Over Prius. She is Over Vegans. She is Over that guy. She is Over hot guys. She is Over Justin Bieber. She is Over monogamy. She is Over periods. She is Over zombies. She is Over anal lube. She is Over everything!!!! [BUY Read More +