‘XXV’ is a short film about 7 young adults transitioning into the next phase of their lives. Whether they choose the light at the end of the tunnel or a path of darkness is undecided. Starring your favorite L.U.S.E.R. entertainers, Bileko, Keenan and Phylicia, XXV is sure to spark conversation and insight to the next generation of Americans. Also starring, Ciera Payton, Daniella Ruiz, Blake Nakoa, Gabrielle Nevins, Kennelia Stradwick and Meredith Brown.

Erykah Badu Poem “Skinny Dudes With Tattoos” (Spoof)

“Erykah Badu Performs her New Poem “Skinny Dudes With Tattoos” Erykah Badu lets yall know that all men are not built for tattoos. Erykah Badu is performing at a poetry lounge. Erykah Badu comes out floating on stage. The crowd is excited to see Erykah Badu. Erykah Badu tells a poem about Skinny Dudes. Erykah Badu finishes the Poem and floats away in Erykah Badu style. http://luserent.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

Erykah Badu – How To Trap a Man Spoof!

Erykah Badu gives tips on how to trap a man. Ladies, take notes! Erykah Badu gives young ladies of all ethnicities how to trap a man. Erykah Badu explains her other names. Erykah Badu gives advise on women being successful at trapping a man. Erykah Badu tells you how she hates radio because they cut off Erykah Badu music. Erykah Badu tells you what she is also known as. Erykah Badu gets a little upset about women have to only date a bench player. Erykah Read More +

Fee Wee Helms and The Helms “Im Over It”

1980s Music Video by FeeWee Helms & The Helms. 23 year old wannabe model/singer is over everything! She is Over herself. She is Over her band. She is Over the director. She is Over the video. She is Over pregnancy. She is Over Prius. She is Over Vegans. She is Over that guy. She is Over hot guys. She is Over Justin Bieber. She is Over monogamy. She is Over periods. She is Over zombies. She is Over anal lube. She is Over everything!!!! [BUY Read More +

A Day In The Life of a Ratchet Pt. 1

23 year old Ratchet girl named Octagoneya Octaveous Jackson is the definition of Ratchet. This Ratchet girl is caught off guard on the street. The Ratchet girl explains the junior college she attends, Santa Monica College. The Ratchet explains that Drake is her baby daddy. The Ratchet girl has colorful rings. The ratchet girl has a credit earring. The Ratchet girl has a mean walk. The Ratchet girl dances in the middle of the street. The Ratchet girl lives on King Blvd and Coliseum. The Read More +

Keenan Baker

Keenan Baker grew up a Military brat. Born in Camp Pendleton, CA. Keenan has lived all around the country, but landed back in Los Angeles in middle school. Raised by a single father, Keenan struggled growing up. Losing fights and not being let back into the house until he won fights because that was his fathers rule. Keenan got his start in comedy back in 2008. In 2011, Keenan Placed 2nd in The LA Funniest Comedian competition. Keenan performs at The World Famous Comedy Store, Read More +