Blood vs Crip

Fake ass gangbanger telling you how he lives in the streets, the streets of the suburbs. He only bangs on people he know is scared of him. he is not a real gangsta, but the fakest of all fakes. “Bluedupsuwuudup” is back gangbangin on yall. the fakest gangster ever.

Phylicia Wissa

An absolute sweetie pie!¬†Phylicia has a very unique background. Growing up in a household of Congolese parents with a French influence, taught Phylicia how to embrace the many cultural aspects of her family and others around her. With her father passing at the tender age of two from Lou Gehrig’s disease (also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), Phylicia, her older brother and sister, were raised by their mother. Showing early signs of talent, Phylicia’s mother, with the help of her dear friend, decided to place Read More +


Bileko Wissa is a stand up comedian, actor, and sketch comedian from Los Angeles, CA. Photos of Bileko can be found here. Books Stand Up Comedy Movies, Short Films, Television Shows Sketch Comedy

Phylicia in “June Gloom” (2011)

Phylica stars in June Gloom (2011). This short, yet potent story follows a man’s journey home from prison as he faces the problems he left behind. Head over to IMDb to watch the trailer.