Bernard “Push Up” Williamson Helps Client

Bernard “PushUp” Williamson, The Personal Trainer, w/his 1st Client. The Personal Trainer teaches you how to do correct push ups. The Personal Trainer has his first client. The Personal Trainer makes him do push ups. The client is doing push ups while the Personal Trainer is coaching him. The client is suffering a heart attack and the Personal Trainer kicks him down. The Personal Trainer yells out Anytime, Anyplace, Anytime! The client wakes up from his heart attack and sees the Personal Trainer and runs Read More +

Vagina Man

Vagina Man wakes up to find out that he has a Vagina, man! He becomes Vagina Man and calls his best friend that he is now Vagina Man. His best Friend finds out that he is now Vagina Man. Vagina man hates that his best friend doesn’t look at him like a man. Vagina man is now being hit on by a lesbian. Vagina Man has a period stain on his basketball pants. Vagina Man buys pads at the local store.


A new Pimp Spray to check your women without putting hands on her. The All new Slap A Bitch! L.U.S.E.R. creates a product called “Slap-A-Bitch” to help pimps and regular men control they’re hoes. With Slap-A-Bitch a pimp doesnt have to chase or physical abuse there hoes. Slap-A-Bitch, gives you a product that works for a very cheap price. The Slap-A-Bitch help put this actual hoe in check. Without actually slapping a bitch, the slap-a-bitch turned this angry hoe into a nice and willing to Read More +

Bernard “Push Up” Williamson: Push Up Chronicles

The Personal Trainer, Bernard “Push Up” Williamson Show you get a set in. Watch The Personal Trainer do push ups Anytime, anyplace, anytime(Yeah he said that twice). Bernard “Push Up” Williamson, the Personal Trainer does push ups in the middle of the street. The Personal Trainer doe push ups on the crosswalk. the Personal Trainer does push ups on top of a car. The Personal Trainer does push ups on top of the hood of the car. Then the Personal Trainer does push ups on Read More +

Crack Head Fight

10 p.m. crackhead tries to break into our house on, we went down with the camera and confronted the guy. The cops came in 40 minutes. This Really Happened