A Gift Without A Presence

By Bileko Wissa, “A Gift Without A Presence” is a collection of poems expressing love in its most vulnerable state. From being the fault of a failed relationship; being the victim of cheating; Or not paying attention to your partner; Bileko puts the reader in the exact moment and time frame of those feelings. You can buy the book on Barnes & Noble’s website.

HAKEEM NANA Ep. 2. “Interracial Dating”

Hakeem NaNa is angry at his daughter and her “Interracial” boyfriend. An Interracial Dating couple comes to the girls fathers house. The Interracial Dating couple sits with her father. The Interracial Dating couple is questioned but tell him they love one another. The interracial Dating couples is jobless and the father doesn’t approve. The Interracial Dating couple call her father future father in law. The Interracial Dating couple leaves because the father is upset! Hakeem Nana Ep. 2. “Interracial Dating”

How Laker Fans Treat Their Girlfriend When KOBE RETURNS!!!

This crazy laker fan is waiting on when Kobe Returns. His girlfriend wants to go out but he is watching for Kobe Return to the Lakers. this laker fans girlfriend tells him to choose between her or Kobe. He tells her how important Kobes Return is to him. She tries to keep him but this crazy laker fan tells her Kobe Returns is necessary. She doesnt like Kobes Returns so she moves to Sacramento. He is still waiting on Kobe Returns. How Laker Fans Treat Read More +

Racist Dad?

A “Racist Dad” catches his Daughter with a man that he doesn’t approve of. A Racist Dad walks into his daughters room. The Racist Dad catches his daughter with a boy. The Racist Dad is highly upset. The Racist Dad explains to his daughter how the boy has watermelon seeds. The Racist Dad thinks the boy has chicken stains on his shirt. The Racist Dad thinks black people have sex different then him. The Racist Dad kicks the boy out. The Racist Dad tells his Read More +

HAKEEM NANA Ep 1. “My Nephew”

African Uncle is sitting with his Nephew. His Nephew tells him that he doesnt want to be a doctor. His Nephew is upset because his uncle is yelling at him. his Nephew tells him he wants to be a comedian. The Nephew is getting yelled at by him. The Nephew is being yelled about not having money. The Nephew is slapped by his uncles belt. The Nephew is being told he will be killed by his uncle for not going to medical school.